Meet Mort and Millie – A Look Into the World of the Goldsholl Design Associates from Chicago Film Archives [Video]

The Block Museum of Art’s exhibition Up Is Down: Mid-Century Experiments in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio, is the result of remarkable partnerships including a collaboration with the Chicago Film Archives.  The Chicago Film Archives have been working over ten years to archive, house and preserve the films of Mort and Millie Goldsholl.  In addition to serving as the source for many loans in the exhibition, Chicago Film Archives created an amazing 2013 trailer to introduce the world to the imaginative world of Mort and millie Goldsholl

View the Trailer 

Chicago Film Archives and the Mort and Millie Goldsholl Collection

Chicago Film Archives is a regional film archive dedicated to identifying, collecting, preserving and providing access to films that represent the Midwest. Its purpose is to serve institutions and filmmakers of this region and elsewhere by establishing a repository for institutional and private film collections; serve a variety of cultural, academic and artistic communities by making the films available locally, nationally, and internationally for exhibition, research, and production; and serve Chicago’s culture by restoring and preserving films that are rare or not in existence elsewhere.

Chicago Film Archives is home to the Mort and Millie Goldsholl Collection 1942-1980. The collection, donated to CFA in 2006 and 2010, contains commercials and industrial films that Goldsholl Design Associates made for their clients, experimental films and animations made by both Morton and Millie, unedited travel films shot by Morton and Millie and films (primarily animated) that the two collected over the years. In total the collection contains over 353 reels of 16mm and 35mm film, including 129 reels of 16mm industrial films made by Goldsholl Design & Film Associates, 183 personal reels of 16mm and 35mm films created by Mort and/or Millie Goldsholl, and 41 reels of 16mm films Mort & Millie Goldsholl collected over the years. Learn more about the collection.



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