The Block Docent Diaries: Objects with Energy

The Block Museum Student Docent Program is made up of students from across Northwestern University that serve as the museum’s tour guides and ambassadors. In Spring 2020, the program continues online as students connect, research, and plan in support of the Museum’s mission. We reached out to this team to learn more about their current inspiration at this time.

We asked: What object in your current, immediate home/work/living space is inspiring or energizing you right now?

Little mushroom in my courtyard reminding me it’s Spring!

Janet Lee (Journalism and International Studies 2020)

The object that’s inspiring/refreshing is my dog, Leela. I know she’s not an object but since she sits on the couch motionless staring out the window all day she might as well be. The caption is: “100 years of solitude” by Pupriel Garcídog Muttquez.

Fiona Asokacitta (Art History and History 2021)

I have been inspired by my roommate’s cast iron which they have been letting me borrow! Like many people right now, I am being energized by cooking delicious food for myself and my roommates. It is a nice time to get away from the screens that have been dominating our lives and spend time together!

Erin Claeys (Theater 2021)

The real answer is that I’m inspired by SQUIRT. I am staying at my grandmother’s house and her cupboards are filled with dozens and dozens of bottles of this grapefruit soda, and while I never would have professed myself a soda person it makes me feel closer to her and provides a sweet treat during a challenging time.

Meghan Considine (Art History and Performance Studies 2020)

My mom’s cooking has been giving me so much strength since I’ve come back home to Georgia!! She pours so much love into her cooking and though I feel bad for not helping out, I also know that she misses being able to cook for me since I’ve gone to college. So I try to eat very deliciously for her and help her clean up afterwards. ^v^ I took this photo for my Intro to Photo class this quarter. I’ve actually been really enjoying photographing my home and studying all the little details that make it so comfy!

Isabella Ko (Art History and French, 2020)

My film camera is inspiring me right now! I’ve been trying to document my stay-at-home life in interesting and creative ways, and capture moments of beauty in the everyday. A lot of my photos so far have been of nature or experimenting with different angles. I’m excited to see how they turn out.

Kristine Liao (Journalism and International Studies, 2020)

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