AAMD Centennial Conversations: Lisa Corrin on Her Formative Art Museum Experience [Video]

In 1916 the directors of twelve American museums founded the Association of Art Museum Directors. The Association began its transformation into a professional organization in 1969 when it formally incorporated. AAMD’s charter members were motivated by a desire to create an intimate forum to share news and ideas. The AAMD has maintained a limited membership bringing the directors into closer contact with their peers at a wide variety of leading art institutions.

The Association of Art Museum Directors advances the profession by cultivating leadership capabilities of directors, advocating for the field, and fostering excellence in art museums. An agile, issues-driven organization, AAMD has three desired outcomes: engagement, leadership, and shared learning.

What is an art museum? What do art museums do, and who are they for? A wide range of art museum directors addressed these questions in celebration of AAMD’s 100th birthday.  As part of the series the AAMD asked its member directors about their formative art museum experience.  The Block Museum’s Lisa Corrin shares her story of a random term paper assignment and an encounter with Monet’s Women in the Garden.

“Its was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes.”

Women in the garden, 1866, Claude Monet, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

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