Meet Our Summer 2016 Interns

We are thrilled to welcome four Northwestern University students as interns into the museum this summer.  As part of the Block Museum of Art internship program our students are conducting directed research on works of art in the permanent collection, preparing digital image archives, and planning for the coming seasons of public programs.  All Block Museum interns take part in a Summer Seminar series in which they meet regularly with museum staff members for discussion and behind-the-scenes look at museum careers.

Cristobal Alday, Curatorial Intern

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I am from Chicago, I am a double major in Art History and Latino/a Studies. I am interested to see the way the Block handles things behind the scenes as well as the ways it is becoming more of a teaching and learning resource both for students at Northwestern but also everyone in the surrounding community and Chicago as well.

Mai Morsch, Curatorial Intern


My name is Mai Morsch and I am a rising senior majoring in Art History and minoring in Critical Theory. As a visual person, I am constantly excited by Art History because I love the way in which it shines a new light on culture and history. As for my minor in Critical Theory, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Paris during the Fall of my junior year at SciencePo, where I was introduced to the subject (and had the chance to visit more museums than in my whole life before!). Like Art History, I am fascinated by how it draws from both tangible and intangible ideals to understand the world, bridging Political Science, Philosophy and even visual culture.

I am so excited to be working at the Block Museum this summer and look forward to learning more about the ins and outs of working in a museum and the many different roles that people here at the Block play.

Ava Szychalski, Engagement Intern


My name is Ava Szychalski and I am from the wonderful city of Minneapolis, MN. I will be starting my second year this fall in Northwestern’s Dual Degree program for Violin Performance in Bienen and Art History or Philosophy in Weinberg. I am enthusiastic about the Block Museum as a beautiful space for art and focal point for constructive conversation here on campus. My artistic interests are primarily modern and contemporary, and access to the Block’s strong resources at school has been a truly special experience. I am excited to be working with the Engagement Department not only to increase the museum’s visibility and encourage undergraduate involvement, but also to inspire my personal education and passion for art!

Lauren Yun, Communications Intern


 I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I majored in painting and drawing. After I graduated, I worked as a full-time gallery curator in Seoul, Korea. I collaborated with senior curators on developing exhibitions, participated in art fairs, worked on contracts and managed collaborative art projects. While working as a curator, I realized how important developing people’s relations to art was, and I decided to pursue my degree in arts management and marketing. I am currently attending Northwestern University getting my MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises at the School of Communication.

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