Block on Film: Senior Shoots Scene at Museum

When Northwestern student Judy Suh (SoC ’13) was looking for gallery space to film a scene for her film Portraiture, she came knocking on the Block’s door. Fortunately we were able to accommodate her request, and Suh, her crew and actors recently spent a day filming on the Museum’s second floor.

We asked Judy, the film’s writer and director, to tell us more about the project.

Block: Is this a class project or independent effort?

Judy: This is a “class project” AND an independent effort, in that, I had planned to make this film anyway, and pitched for the Northwestern University Women Filmmakers Alliance (NUWFA) grant, received it, but also got accepted to the Senior Directing Sequence (equivalent to RTVF thesis), which meant I’d be doing this same project for this class as well. This class really just exists to support seniors making their own film.

Block: Can you give us a brief synopsis of the film?

Judy: When Christoph comes to visit his late friend Anthony’s apartment, he comes across a mysterious box full of undeveloped 35mm film rolls. Curious, he begins to develop these film rolls one by one, only to find out that they are years-worth of Anthony’s self-portraits…He is about to learn an entirely unnoticed side of his late friend.

Block: What role does an art gallery or museum play in the script?

Judy: The main role is for the epilogue, which is where Christoph displays the self-portraits of his late friend.

Block: When/where will it be shown?

Judy: May or June of 2013. At the Studio 22/NUWFA Premiere Screening AND at the Senior Directing Sequence premiere. Location TBA (but likely at Tech).

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