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Outing Queer Fluxus: Geoffrey Hendricks and David Getsy in Conversation [Audio]

A prominent member of the Fluxus movement and a legendary organizer of 60’s era Happenings, American artist Geoffrey Hendricks’s art communicates a fascination with nature, collaborative rituals, and the performance of gender and sexuality in public life. A frequent performer at Charlotte Moorman’s Annual New York Avant Garde Festivals, Hendricks’ work was display in the Block Museum […]

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On the Red Carpet at the MFA Film Premiere Night

Artists Zach Meyer, Megan Schvaneveldt, Robert Chase Heishman, Rachel Niffenegger, and art theory & practice professor Steve Reinke discuss video work premiered at the Block Museum on May 19, 2012. The artists were part of the annual MFA Thesis Exhibition from the Department of Art Theory & Practice. Produced by Dietz Media.

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