Association of Art Museum Directors Asks: What is an Art Museum?

In celebration of the Association of Art Museum Directors 100th birthday, leaders in the museum field sat down to answer some essential questions: “What is an art museum?” and “Who is an art museum for?”

Block Museum of Art Director, Lisa Corrin was among the leaders to consider the question.  “Art museums offer a place where democracy can play out in all its messiness. Where art can be a springboard for talking about all the things that matter to us in our world now, whether the art we show is a thousand years old or was made yesterday.” she notes. “Art museums are for everyone.

The Association of Art Museum Directors advances the profession by cultivating leadership capabilities of directors, advocating for the field, and fostering excellence in art museums. An agile, issues-driven organization, AAMD has three desired outcomes: engagement, leadership, and shared learning. AAMD has 244 members in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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