Saree Makdisi on looking to Blake in moments of crisis and transformation [Audio]

UCLA Professor of English and Comparative Literature Saree Makdisi  joined the block Museum to discuss the historical parallels between Blake’s era and the 1960’s, examining how these concurrent histories are the result of profound changes in politics, economy, art, and society during their respective periods. From the lecture: The [Block Museum] exhibition is one of […]

Dr. Siddiq Wahid Visits the Block Museum

This past week, beginning February 3rd, the Block was fortunate enough to have Dr. Siddiq Wahid, a historian of Central Asian and Tibetan political history and a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, visit our museum. Wahid’s busy week began with coffee chats with the Block Museum faculty, Anthropology professor Robert Launay, visiting professor in Asian-American Studies Daniel […]