Programs & Events

“What We Leave Behind”: The women of Grace House & Beyondmedia on personal narrative beyond the prison system

In Winter 2021 The Block was honored to present Voices Across Time: Sharing Women’s Experiences of Re-entry, a special program bringing together organizers from Beyondmedia Education with current and former members of Grace House, a residential program for women exiting the Illinois prison system. This screening and discussion centered on women’s experiences of re-entry after […]

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Artist Collaborations

Dario Robleto Illustrates Bond Between Science and Art

The marriage of science and art seems like it could be an awkward one. Science is about finding definitive answers, while art’s purpose – to inspire, evoke and communicate — is harder to define. But the two disciplines can borrow from each other and even unite to tackle important cultural work, which Dario Robleto illustrated during his […]

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Partnership Spotlight: Educating Global Citizens with Primary Source

“What ‘big idea’ about Africa did curator Kathleen Bickford Berzock want to convey when she decided to plan the exhibition Caravans of Gold?”  So reads a discussion/comprehension question that may soon be posed to 6th grade students across Massachusetts. This month The Block Museum of Art is honored to contribute to a curriculum development project created […]

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