Collection Spotlight: Solider and Bride by Jiří Anderle


Jiří Anderle, Solider and Bride, 1980, drypoint and mezzotint with photograph. 1988.2.

Jiří Anderle is a Czech artist born in 1936. Much of his work was collected by a Chicago couple, Jacques and Anne Baruch, who ran a gallery that focused on the contemporary art of Central and Eastern Europe.

I love this print. The first time I saw it I stopped and looked at for a really long time. I think it’s so captivating. It’s dark but also so lovely in its rendering of the faces. It’s one of those pieces that you can recalibrate while you’re looking at it. It is intense and really makes you rethink your perspective.

—Elizabeth Wolf, exhibitions and collections assistant

You can make an appointment to see this work and others from the Block Museum’s permanent collection. Email or see Visit the Study Center for more information.

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